Obstacles to New Construction

June 21, 2022

Existing home inventory is low—so build your own, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. New construction has slowed significantly due to worker and material shortages–causing challenges for homebuyers and builders alike. However, there are options if you have your heart set on a brand-new build. Contact us to discuss the current opportunities in our […]

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OC Housing Report: Summer Slowdown

June 20, 2022

SUMMER SLOWDOWN   The shift in housing due to higher rates has already made a significant impact on the housing market, and it will slow further over the summer.  Housing will continue to cool. Since demand’s early peak at the end of May, the Expected Market Time has jumped from 20 to 45 days, growing […]

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Higher Rates and Short Supply: The State of Real Estate in 2022

June 13, 2022

The last two years caught many of us off guard—and not just because of the pandemic. They also ushered in the hottest housing market on record, with home prices rising nationally by nearly 19% in 2021, driven primarily by low mortgage rates and a major supply shortage.1 But while some had hoped 2022 would bring […]

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OC Housing Report: Current Affordability Challenges

June 9, 2022

Affordability Challenges   When escalating home prices are matched with much higher mortgage rates, home affordability dramatically weakens and results in fewer buyers able to make a purchase.   Demand is Dropping Due to Affordability. Lower rates had propped up affordability, yet today’s higher interest rate environment is impacting demand as many home buyers struggle […]

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Preapproval vs Prequalified

June 2, 2022

                Should you get preapproved OR prequalified for a mortgage?   Or both?   The two terms are often confused because they are so similar. But in reality, they are very different.   🏠 Getting prequalified for a mortgage doesn’t entail a credit check or official documentation. This […]

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OC Housing Report: The Sky: NOT Falling

May 25, 2022

THE SKY: NOT FALLING MANY ARE JUMPING TO EXTREME CONCLUSIONS ABOUT THE IMPACT OF HIGHER RATES, HIGH INFLATION, AND A POTENTIAL RECESSION ON THE HOUSING MARKET. A seller’s market will prevail while the market is slowing. It is gradually evolving from it’s out of control, insane pace, to a normal seller’s market where pricing will […]

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Seller on the Move…

May 24, 2022

Just Sold | 📍 49 Trofello Ln, Aliso Viejo   2 bed | 2.5 bath | 1,148 sqft.   Sold at $730,000 Seller Saved $14,600 in Commissions with Our Flexible Commission Structure   Congratulations to our client for closing escrow and the adventures that await him out of state in his new home! Whether you […]

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What Makes a Great Purchase Offer?

May 23, 2022

What makes a home purchase offer great? If you’re selling, how do you determine whether an offer is solid? If you’re buying, how do you convince the sellers to choose you? Find out how and don’t forget to read our new blog post for more details!   ➡️ https://bit.ly/3kDttiQ   Call The Wright Team if […]

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3 Reasons to Work With a Buyer’s Agent

May 18, 2022

In today’s market, the value of a good buyer’s agent cannot be overlooked. Here are three reasons to work with one when buying your home.   1️⃣ Save money. A buyer’s agent negotiates on your behalf to help you to get the most bang for your buck. 2️⃣ Get expert guidance. A buyer’s agent provides […]

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OC Housing Report: Unexpected Slump in Demand

May 9, 2022

UNEXPECTED SLUMP IN DEMAND HIGHER 30-YEAR MORTGAGE RATES ARE HAVING A MAJOR IMPACT ON ORANGE COUNTY DEMAND, NOW AT LEVELS FAR BELOW TYPICAL SPRING AVERAGES. Demand Slumping over the past month, Demand dropped by 6% when it normally rises by 4%.According to Mortgage News Daily, 30-year mortgage rates have risen from 3.27% on December 31st […]

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