OC Housing Report: A Spooky Market

by Julie Wright on October 30, 2012

The market is recovering, but there are aspects of Orange County housing that are simply spooky.  First, today’s market has an absurdly low inventory.  The market has shed an additional 4% in the past two weeks.  The concern is that there will not be a lot of fresh inventory for the remainder of the year.  Buyers that remain in the hunt are going to get no relief from the holiday slowdown.  Many buyers are going to feel like they have the appropriate strategy of pouncing on a property during the holiday lull.  Given the number of buyers who have been unsuccessful after writing multiple offers, expect many of them to attempt the same strategy.  As a result, they will encounter continued competition to purchase.

 What are the other market concerns?  Then follow the link below for the full article including the latest charts.

OC Housing Report 10-28-12

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